Instructions: To make your allocation request, please fill out the webform below after reviewing the allocation types and requirements.

As stated in the LONI Allocations policy, there are two classes of allocation requests:

  1. Small (50,000 SUs or less)
  2. Large (greater than 50,000 SUs)

Large Request Requirements

  • Proposal
    • All large scale allocation requests must be accompanied by a written proposal in PDF format. Large scale requests submitted without this written proposal will NOT be approved. Please submit the PDF proposal using the "upload proposal" form field below.
    • Large request applicants are not required to fill out the fields related to code descriptions and scaling or publication and grants if those details are included in their PDF proposal.
  • Summary Report
    • At the end of each allocation period, a short summary report on the project should be submitted to the LONI Allocations Committee. Renewal requests for a project will not be approved until this report has been received. A template for this report can be found in Word and PDF formats.
    • To submit the summary report, follow the My Allocations link and select the "report" button listed next to the relevant project.

Small Request Requirements

  • Small request applicants must complete all of the form fields below, explaining their CPU requirements, their scientific methodology and the current state of their codes or application. Requests for subsequent allocation awards will not be allowed until an end-of-project report has been received for all prior awards. Final reports must be uploaded to previous allocations prior to submitting the proposal.

The first step in applying for an allocation is to register a login for this site. This will supply us with your contact information and will be associated with this, and all future applications for time on our machines which you apply for.

If you have already registered, please use the login form below. It will take you directly to the allocations request form. If you do not yet have a login, please request one now.

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